Nominations for the 2022 Health Ministry Best Practices Award, which will be presented at the 9th Annual Healthy Churches 2030 conference, are no longer being accepted at this time.

The 2022 recipients were chosen because of the remarkable and purposeful work that they do in the areas of health promotion, resource provision, and service delivery to influence the health outcomes of their congregants and members of the community.


Award Recipients

To view this year's award recipients, please go to the Best Practice Awardees webpage.

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Why Should You Nominate Your Church?

  • Often church leadership is so focused on doing the work that they forget to celebrate their wins! Your nomination will provide a well-deserved honor for their hard work.
  • Helping your church highlight their community programs will attract more community members to the congregation.
  • Highlighting the churches Health and Wellness programs will help more members of the community get the health information that they so greatly need.


Health Ministry Best Practices Award

  • Recognition among fellow Best Practice Awardees through the Healthy Churches 2030 National Conference.
  • Recognition will showcase the church’s dedication to their surrounding community’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health!
  • Recognition promotes opportunities for local, regional and national funding for your faith-based health promotion programs. community’s
  • Recognition promotes opportunities to partner with other like-minded congregations and local public health organizations to do greater work for your members and community.
  • Recognition includes receiving the elegant Healthy Churches 2030 Best Practice Crystal Award that the church can proudly display